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So, you’ve found your feel good frames, or started the hunt, but what about your perfect lenses? This step-by-step guide explains the different lens upgrades available at Boots Opticians to help you find the right lens to suit your lifestyle and your frame. Just add the cost of your desired upgrades to the cost of your frames.

All our frame prices automatically include:

• Standard scratch resistant lenses to protect against everyday wear and tear 
• Standard Single Vision lenses to help you to either see things far away such as watching TV or close up such as reading

You may want to think about upgrading your lenses to get the best out of your glasses. Read on to find out about the options.

Step 1 - Appearance & thickness

The following two upgrades enhance the performance of your lenses:

Boots Protect Plus: Additional £40

Adding Protect Plus to your lenses makes them easy to clean and care for whilst giving a clear vision through the following benefits: reflection free, increased scratch resistance, dust and water repellent with added UV protection that can be reflected from the rear of the lens. A 2-year guarantee is also included. 
Thin & Light: Additional £65 (includes Boots Protect)

Up to 25% thinner and 43% lighter than our standard lens, includes scratch resistant to protect against everyday wear and tear, plus reflection free for reducing glare. 

Step 2 - Personalise your lens

At Boots Opticians we’ll recommend a lens that meets your lifestyle needs. We offer the following options:

Single Vision

  • Lifestyle Single Vision: From an additional £70 Boots Digital Enhance lenses recommended for use with digital screens. 
  • Boots EyeDrive Single Vision: Additional £80 (includes Protect Plus worth £40) Recommended for those who spend a lot of time driving. They are designed to reduce reflections from bothersome headlights, especially at night.


  • Standard Varifocal: From an additional £50 Help you to see at all distances without needing separate pairs of glasses.
  • Gold Varifocal: Additional £115 (includes Boots Protect)Recommended for mixed amounts of reading and close work.
  • Platinum Varifocal: Additional £175 (includes Boots Protect) Recommended for everyday wear including computer screens.
  • EyeDrive Varifocal: Additional £240 (includes Protect Plus worth £40) Recommended for those who spend a lot of time driving. Great for everyday use with a wide vision at arm’s length (image above)


  • Bifocal Lenses: From an additional £50 Have a different prescription on the top and bottom half of the lens, with a visible line across the middle for help seeing far away and close up.


  • Office Lenses: From an additional £65 Help you to see clearly within the office environment or for specific hobbies.

Step 3 - Light Management

Whether you’re sensitive to light or you’re looking for a stylish pair of prescription sunglasses, we have a range of finishes to choose from:

  • Transitions: Additional £80 Adapt to changing light conditions to offer protection from UV rays.
  • Prescription sun lenses: Additional £80 All our sun lenses protect your eyes from the sun by providing 100% UV Protection. 
  • Prescription Polarised: Additional £150 An option for sun lenses that significantly reduces sun glare from reflective surfaces like snow, roads and water and help to offer protection from UV rays. A great option for daytime driving and outside sports.

Lenses that keep up with your kids

We also stock a range of kid’s glasses, perfect for everyday wear. Kid’s lenses are scratch resistant to put your mind at ease, with some great upgrades to choose from:

  • Ultratough: Additional £20 Lenses up to 25% thinner
  • Ultrathin: Additional £40 Lenses up to 35% thinner
  • Ultrathin Plus: Additional £60 Lenses up to 50% thinner

Wondering why thinner lenses are better? Thinner lenses reduce the weight and thickness resulting in lightweight lenses for more comfortable wear. Also discover our guide to children eye health and a number of things to look out for.