Everything you need to know about face masks

From peel off to bubbles - what are face masks and why do you need one?

If you’ve had a hard day at work, or you’re looking to take the perfect selfie, then face masks could be the one for you. They’ve gained massive popularity over the past few years thanks to new varieties and formulas. But what are they? Do you really need one? And which is right for you? We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about face masks, so you can treat yourself to the perfect one, two or three! 

What is a face mask? 
So let’s start with the basics. What actually makes a face mask a face mask? Face masks (or face packs as they used to be commonly called) are basically skincare that’s applied for a certain period of time to allow skin to really benefit from the ingredients. There are tonnes of different face masks that cater to different skin concerns or types. Whether it’s a hydrating creamy face mask to help dry skin, an exfoliating peel-off mask to help give your skin a glow or a congestion-busting bubble mask to help purify skin… whatever your skincare dilemma: there’s a mask for you. 

Do I need a face mask? 
It’s entirely up to you! But everyone could benefit from a face mask from time-to-time. Not only do they give your skin a much-needed pamper, they’re super relaxing and some can be really fun to apply and remove – hello bubble and peel offs! If you’ve got a certain skin concern that you’re wanting to target (i.e. really dry skin, blemishes or redness) then a face mask catered specifically for your skin type can definitely help give your skin some TLC. 

How often should I use a face mask? 
This depends on what kind of face mask you’re using. Hydrating and moisturising face masks can be used as regularly as you feel your skin needs one. This could be anything from two or three times a week or once a month. Exfoliating face masks which might contain fruit enzymes, AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) or BHAs (beta hydroxy/salicylic acid) should not be used more than twice a week – otherwise they could be a little irritating to your skin. Light-therapy masks are often designed to be used daily for a certain period of time. Our best advice would be to listen to your skin (and always read the instructions!) 

Which face mask is right for me? 
Finding the best face mask for you can be confusing – simply because there are so many to choose from. First of all, you want to establish which skin type you have and what you want to achieve from the mask. Once you’ve decided that, you’re on track to find the best face mask for you… 

For dry & dehydrated skin

If your skin is crying out for some moisture, look for face masks that contain hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. Sheet masks are great for dehydrated skin, as they really lock in moisture whilst giving you a boost of hydration. Got dry, flaky skin? Look for a creamy mask that you can leave on overnight to wake up with a soft and supple complexion come morning.

For acne-prone skin

Charcoal, tea tree and clay masks are great for busting blemishes. Charcoal, clay and bubble face masks work to draw impurities out of pores whilst anti-bacterial ingredients like tea tree or salicylic acid go right to the source and help zap it away. Face masks that may help acne can be drying, so only use these once a week – or use as part of your multi-masking regime.

For dull & lacklustre skin

If your skin is looking a bit dull, a radiance-boosting mask could be perfect for you. These often contain exfoliating enzymes that munch away dead cells that sit on top of your skin, revealing brighter, glowier skin underneath. If you’ve got sensitive skin, only use an exfoliating face mask once or twice a week, and follow with a good SPF to protect your baby-soft skin from sun exposure.

For ageing skin

Looking to help reduce the appearance of your wrinkles? Hydrating face masks are great for helping to plump up skin with moisture and give the appearance of younger-looking, more radiant skin. The beauty of a hydrating face mask is that it can be used as often as you like – so sit back, put your feet up and relax!

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