How to layer your skincare products

Take the stress out of your skincare routine


 When it comes to your skincare, if you just slap it on any old how you’re not going to get great results, fact. Put your best face forward and take one step closer to complexion perfection with our skincare regime 101.


This is the first step in any skincare regime and absolutely one not to be missed, under any circumstances! Cleansing rids the skin of any excess dirt, grime, sebum, product… basically anything that’s left lingering on your face. It refreshes and preps your skin ready to take on the rest of your skincare regime. Cleansers come in all kinds of formats, from waters to gels, creams and even oils, so you’re bound to find one that floats your boat.


Forget what you think you know about toners, we’re here with the news there’s a toner out there to suit pretty much every skin type. Gone are the days when toners were full of drying ingredients designed to strip your skin of basically everything. The toners of today are packed with skin-loving ingredients to take away every last scrap of make-up while locking in all the good stuff. Using a toner means your skin’s ready to absorb the next steps of your skincare regime.

Top tip: If you’re using a toner for spot-prone skin, apply it once a day to avoid drying out your skin.


Serums are your skincare regime’s secret weapon. They add a shot of hard-working ingredients directly to your skin. There’s plenty of choice in the serum arena too – think vitamin C for adding a bit of life back into dull skin, hyaluronic acid for a much-needed moisture boost and the age-old favourite, ahem, anti-ageing ingredients. If sifting through skincare ingredients feels like a bit of a minefield, fear not – our skincare ingredients guide will have you clued-up in no time!

Top tip: Remember to take a breather in between each step if you have time, to let the product really sink in.

Eye Cream

For pepped-up peepers in the blink of an eye, apply your eye cream with your ring finger, gently dotting it into the skin along the eye socket. Avoid the eyelid and the skin directly under your lower lashes (nobody wants an accidental blob of eye cream in their actual eye, after all).


Next up is moisturiser which, you guessed it, is here to add even more moisture to your skin. It also seals in your serum and eye cream so they work even harder. Our best tip for this step is to warm your moisturiser in the palms of your hands then gently press it into your skin, rather than vigorously rubbing it in. It’ll feel so much nicer, and won’t drag your skin. 


If you’re skipping this step, you’re missing a real trick. Facial oil should be used after all creams (apart from your sunscreen) to lock everything in. The reason they need to be applied last is because oils can penetrate creams, but creams can’t penetrate oils, so your facial oil can still get through even over all your other layers.

Top tip: If you have oily skin, you can save this step for your night time skincare routine.


This is the last step of your skincare routine and, contrary to popular belief, yes you should be applying sunscreen every day! We recommend a minimum of SPF30 to help protect from any rays that can sneak through, even in autumn and winter. Trust, us, you’ll thanks us for this step later.


If you’re new to the retinol party, get up to speed with our guide on the latest skincare super-ingredient to make headlines. The key to using retinol is to start off slow, building up to applying every other evening.

And there you have it – your skincare regime, sussed. You’re welcome!