How to look after dry skin

Flakes, be gone!


Dry skin - it’s itchy, tight and can pepper your face with flaky, red patches. Here’s a little guide to help you take back control of your skin.

Living with dry skin

The cause of dry skin could be one of many: hormones, weather, a genetic or immune disease (such as psoriasis) or lifestyle. Here are a few tips on how to keep your troublesome skin in check throughout the year:

• Keep the air moist when the heating or air-con is on with a humidifier 

• Switch your woollen jumpers for a less scratchy material

• Keep glugging water. If your body’s hydrated, your skin will be too

• Enjoy foods rich in omega-3, such as salmon, flax seeds, walnuts and safflower oil

• Compress any redness with something cool or apply a hydrocortisone cream to the area

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

If you’re a dry skin sufferer, moisturiser is your skin saviour. When your skin is dry and itchy, it’s due to a lack of moisture. To rehydrate you need a dry skin moisturiser, which absorbs into your skin quickly to leave it soft and relieved. Nothing beats a lovely long, relaxing shower, but this could be the culprit of your dry skin. Showering for too long, in hot rather than warm water can wash away the natural oils from your face. Opt for a shorter spruce in cooler water and remember to apply a dry skin moisturiser post-dunk.

Protecting products

With so many products to choose from, traipsing the skincare shelves for your ideal skin-protecting partner can be testing, even for the most skin-savvy. Here are a few tips on what to look out for and what to avoid when choosing your dry skin lotions and potions:

• Change your moisturiser to suit the time of year – choose a thicker, heavier dry skin moisturiser in winter and something SPF and UV protected in summer

• Look for a cream with easy and quick absorption

• Go alcohol-free. Alcohol can add to the dryness, so check the ingredients before you apply

• Use a petroleum jelly-based product to seal a dry patch

• Steer clear of the scented, smelly stuff. As lovely as they are, your dry skin might not think so

Further advice

If you’ve tried everything but your dry skin just isn’t letting up, speak to your local Boots pharmacist for more help and advice, or visit your doctor.