How to remove facial hair

The low-down on removing unwanted hair at home


Whether it’s a rogue hair or a few darker strands, excess facial hair is something many of us have to deal with and, to be honest, it’s just plain annoying. So to help, we’ve put together the best methods for facial hair removal so you can find the best one for you. From waxing and removal creams to at-home treatments such as Intense Light Therapy (IPL), here are some of the most effective ways to say goodbye to those unwanted hairs.

Facial IPL products

IPL is a form of light therapy that uses light to kill the hair at the root. It’s a good option for removing hair all over the body with specific facial IPL products perfect for those tricky areas such as the upper lip, between the eyebrows or the chin.  At-home IPL takes a course of treatments – normally a minimum of six – to get the best results, but the upside is that it should leave you hair-free in the long term. Each treatment takes between five and ten minutes and feels a bit like a hot elastic band pinging against the skin. It’s worth considering that IPL is most effective on dark hair so if you are fair-haired, it may be best to consider an alternative such as a facial epilator or facial hair trimmer.


If you want those pesky hairs gone and fast, then waxing is your new best friend. Just make sure you choose a facial hair removal wax specially formulated for sensitive areas. 

Not sure how to wax? First, gently exfoliate the area to help avoid any tell-tale waxing bumps. Now apply the wax strip – it’s best if you warm it slightly beforehand – and peel off in one swift movement. Afterwards, treat the area to a cooling gel such as aloe vera to soothe any redness. The results can last up to six weeks.

Facial hair removal cream

If waxing sounds a bit painful (we hear you!) then you could try a hair removal cream for facial hair removal. The creams work by dissolving the hair at the skin’s surface, leaving you nice and smooth for up to a week. 

Veet also has a range of sensitive skin creams specially created for the upper lip, cheek and chin area and enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E to help soothe the skin. Start with a test area and apply with the spatula, making sure the hair is fully covered, before removing after five minutes. If it needs more time, leave on for a total of 10 minutes and rinse off before applying the finishing cream.

Hair lighteners

As an alternative to removing facial hair, there is also the lightener option. The mild bleach formula helps to lighten dark excess facial hair, leaving it a less noticeable shade. Lighteners are best used on fine areas of hair such as the upper lip area. Always test a patch of skin 24 hours before using a new lightening product. Once you are happy with your patch test, begin by mixing the cream and powder formula, following the measurement instructions, and place on the tray provided. Apply with a freshly cleaned spatula, covering the hair completely, leave for 10 minutes and then rinse. Hello, blonde hair!