What to pack for a festival

Forget flower crowns for the moment, we take you through what you really need to pack for a festival

With so much to cram in for the big weekend in such little space (let’s face it, it’s impractical to carry loads of bags across a field!), it’s easy to forget some of the essentials. But fear not, we’ve compiled a handy checklist to make sure you have everything you’ll need.

First things first, don’t forget your ticket, tent, sleeping bag, at least one fluffy jumper, your wellies and a mini first aid kit with plasters, earplugs, hand sanitizer and insect repellent – you’ll thank us for it later.

No festival would be complete without the following trusty products in your bag…

Sun cream

No matter what the forecast says, make sure sun cream is at the top of your list as it’s not just sunburn you need to protect yourself from. The UV rays from the sun can damage your skin even on a cloudy day, and can cause pigmentation and premature ageing skin – eek! So get one that’s a high SPF (30 or over) and opt for one that can be used on your face and body, that way you only need to make space for one.


The ultimate festival favourite that makes you sparkle like a gorgeous disco ball. So stay ahead of the glitter game and turn up in style. Make sure to dispose of your glitter make-up responsibly – don’t wash with water. Instead, douse a cotton wool pad in cleanser and gently wipe it away, making sure not to pull too much on your skin. Use a micellar or oil cleanser if layered. Once removed, don't flush the pad away, instead place used pads safely in your waste bin.

Face mist

With hydrating and cooling powers, once you spritz, your skin will instantly thank you. If the heat is getting a bit much, with or without make-up on, using a face mist will make you feel like a new person – especially if you’ve been in the middle of a sweaty crowd for hours waiting for your favourite band! Try and get your hands on a mini one that will fit perfectly in your bum bag.

Dry shampoo

Attempting to wash your hair at a festival is just a no-go. You’ll probably be having so much fun you won’t have time to take a trip to the showers and wash your hair, and if the weather is less than ideal (let’s face it, we can’t rely on our summer months), then you don’t want to walk round with wet hair. So dry shampoo will be your favourite travel companion, helping to instantly refresh your hair whilst building volume and texture, too!


If there’s one only piece of make-up you remember when packing for a festival, make sure it’s powder. Easy to apply, gives you coverage and a light weight feel all in the one if you get the right one, and compacts make it super easy to top-up any shine. If you want to take more than just powder, try and bring the bare minimum or pick up some minis – you don’t want to lose all of your precious make-up to a festival!


Never leave the house without a bobble on your wrist? Join the club! A must have for festivals, perfect if you need to tie your hair up quickly to give yourself life after dancing for hours and for getting it out your face if you’ve not been able to wash your hair.

Wet wipes & face wipes

No shower, no problem. Bring some wet wipes with you specifically for your intimate areas when you just want a quick freshen-up without the need for water. Face wipes are an obvious, as you sadly won’t have time for your usual skincare routine, they’re so quick and easy to just wipe your make-up away at 2am.