Your nursery checklist

It’s nearly time to bring your little bundle of joy home, so get ready with everything you need for the perfect nursery. 

Sleeping station:

• Moses basket, cot or bedside cot

• New mattress – make sure it’s the right size (it should fit snuggly with no gaps down the sides), is waterproof, firm and flat, and carries the BSI number BS 1877-10:2011+A1:2012

• 3 or 4 fitted sheets

• 2 or 3 sleeping bags as an alternative option to blankets (0.5 tog to 3.5 tog, depending on room temperature/season)

• 3 or 4 blankets OR a swaddling blanket for when it gets cold

• Room thermometer

• Baby monitor

• Nightlight

• Musical mobile (optional, but some babies find them very soothing)

Changing station:

• Changing table and changing mat

• Cotton wool and small bowl for water

• Nappies (as many as you can fit in your nursery – a newborn will need around 12 changes a day)

• Baby wipes

• Nappy sacks/nappy bin or both

• 10 muslins

Feeding station:

• Nursing chair

• Breastfeeding pillow

• Breast pads

• Nipple shields, if required

• Nipple cream

• More muslins! (honestly, you can never have enough)

Feeding extras

 (these will generally live in the kitchen, but remember if you’re bottle feeding, you’ll need…):

• 6-8 bottles and teats

• Sterilizer (choose steam, microwave or cold water)

• Bottle warmer

• Bottle brush

• Er… more muslins